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MP Outrage at Council VAT Snub

Flintshire MPs Mark Tami and David Hanson have expressed their outrage at Flintshire County Council’s response to the Government year long cut in the rate of VAT.

The Government’s decision to cut interest rates from 17.5% to 15% from 1 Dec until the end of next year is the equivalent of the Govt giving back £12.5bn to consumers. It is estimated that households throughout Flintshire will benefit by around £275 – if all the cuts are passed on.

At a time when Flintshire residents could benefit greatly from the tax cut, Flintshire County Council are, in many instances, refusing to pass on the cut until April of next year. This means that, amongst others, car parking tickets, library, and leisure centre charges will not reflect the Government’s tax cut.

Mark Tami said:

“At a time when the Labour government is cutting taxes, Flintshire County Council is refusing to do so.

“Such an inflexible response to the economic downturn does not suggest the Tories, Liberals and Independents who run the council are capable of acting swiftly in favour of hard working residents.”

David Hanson said:

“This response to the VAT cut is not adequate. These are extremely challenging times for hard working people and businesses and whilst the Government is giving people help, Flintshire County Council is refusing to do so.”