Macmillan Cancer Support

This week I renewed my pledge to support Macmillan Cancer Support in parliament.

North Wales benefits greatly from Macmillan professionals. They are able to provide specialist care in their area of cancer and help people manage their symptoms with the core goal of making life with cancer easier.

People in North Wales already benefit from 52 Macmillan professionals, including Macmillan nurses, GP facilitator, benefits adviser and specialist social workers. Not only does Macmillan provide compassionate care for patients and their relatives, but it raises money to support people with this life changing illness. They have given hundreds of thousands of pounds to hundreds of people in North Wales to help with the additional costs that cancer brings.

Macmillan cancer support specialists provide free information and emotional support for people living with cancer. People wishing to get in contact with Macmillan Cancer Support should do so free at 0808 808 00 00 (Monday – Friday 9am – 8pm) or visit:

The care and compassion that Macmillan support specialists provide to people in Delyn does not go unnoticed. They have helped people through one of the most testing times in their, and their families, lives. That is why I have renewed my pledge of support for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Not only is it the care that Macmillan provide, but it is the advice. They are able to help people find the social security that they are entitled to; making the financial costs that cancer brings one less thing to worry about.

I know also of the tremendous support given by local people to the charity having regularly attended coffee mornings to raise funds.

By pledging my support for Macmillan Cancer Support I am reaffirming that I will do all I can both in Parliament and Delyn to give people with cancer a voice; ensuring legislation is designed with the people it is designed to help in mind.

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