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Local Representatives Play Tribute to Flint Courthouse

Delyn MP David Hanson has met with Flint Councillors and Sandy Mewies AMat Flint Court House to mark the end of the Court’s service to the town.



Despite a strong campaign the Tory-led coalition in Westminster has decided to close the historic court as part of a wider programme which will see the closure of 142 courts in England and Wales. 




David Hanson said:



“I am deeply disappointed with the Government’s decision to close Flint Magistrates Court.



“I always believed that there was a case for keeping Flint Magistrates Court open and I have been making strong representations to the Coalition Government in recent months.



“The Flint Courthouse has been an important and historic working body in the town and the Government’s decision will lead to inconveniences for those that need to attend proceedings and will have a detrimental impact on the provisions of justice in Flint and the surrounding area.



“I want to thank everyone that has campaigned to keep Flint Court open.”