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Local MP Welcomes Airbus News

David Hanson MP welcomed the news that Airbus has secured an order for 100 planes for Avianca Holdings, a Columbine airline, which could be worth up to £7 billion as another boost to the success of Airbus in Flintshire where the wings will be built.

Airbus has secured an order that maybe worth up to £7 billion from a Columbine airline, Avianca, for 100 planes. Local MP, David Hanson, said that this showed the ongoing success of Airbus in Flintshire, who will be building the wings.

This announcement will build upon the recent successes of Airbus in Broughton including an announcement in November that would receive a £48 billion investment to develop new systems and technologies.

Speaking about the news of the new wings David Hanson Said:

“I am pleased to hear of the continuing success of Airbus in Flintshire with the announcement that they will be building wings for 100 planes for Avianca which might be worth up to £7 billion.

Airbus is a big employer for the local area employing 6000 people so it is great to see the on-going success of the company given its importance to the local area. I am sure that this success will continue.”