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Local MP Pledges Support for People with Autism

Delyn MP, David Hanson, has pledged support to campaign for more support people with Autism after meeting the group of young people with Autism who discussed their concerns and ideas with Mr Hanson -they  including Alex Lowery an Ambitious about Autism Youth Patron  from holywell Flintshire.

David Hanson took part in the roundtable with the youth Patron’s of Ambitious about Autism to discuss with him and other mps  the issues affecting young people with Autism. After hearing these concerns Mr Hanson signed a pledge card offering further support for young people and children with Autism.

The issues raised at the roundtable included special needs education and Post-16 options for young people who have Autism.

David Hanson MP said:

“I believe it is important that people with Autism get the right support so I’m happy to pledge to campaign for better support for the 1 in 100 children in the UK who are dialogised with Autism.  It’s vital that we get the right support in place so that children and young people with Autism are able to meet their full potential.”