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Local MP hopes Air Ambulance selfie campaign is flying success

Delyn MP David Hanson has taken a ‘selfie’ wearing an Air Ambulance helmet as part of a fundraising drive to raise money for the Wales Air Ambulance.

The Wales Air Ambulance is running a fundraising campaign which has seen a number of local people, take selfies wearing a helmet to help raise awareness and fund for the service.  This Friday Local MP, David Hanson, took a selfie in support of the campaign.

The campaign was launched by a Michael Hughes, from Mold, was seriously injured and was rescued by the Wales Air Ambulance team, taking the injured man from the site of the accident to hospital in just 10 minutes. To date the Wales Air Ambulance has carried out over 18,000 such missions, each costing around £1500, putting pressure on resources and funding.

David Hanson MP said:

“The Wales Air Ambulance carries out vital rescue work and save lives across Wales so I am pleased to take part in this selfie campaign to raise money for them. Every year the Wales Air Ambulance responds to around 2000 missions and approximately 400 of those involves children. So I think it is important to help raise funds for them.

I know this service costs around £6 million per year and helps so it is important that they have the funds to carry on doing their vital work.”