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Legion d’honneur ceremony

Deputy Mayor of Flint, Cllr. Vicky Perfect, and I have held a congratulations ceremony for Mr. Richard Commins who was awarded the Legion d’honneur, and who recently celebrated his 93rd birthday.

Mr. Commins is one of Flintshire’s finest. He was recently awarded the Legion d’honneur for his sacrifices in the liberation of France during the Second World War. The Legion d’honneur has been awarded to British veterans by the French government to thank them for their role in ensuring the French people were freed from Nazi oppression. I have been working with the families of these brave men to ensure that they were all bestowed this great honour from the French Republic.

Mr. Commins served in the army and saw action in many European countries during the Second World War and was awarded several military medals for his bravery and service by the British government.

It has been an honour to meet with all the recipients of the Legion d’honneur, the most prestigious honour awarded by the French government. Mr. Commins is one of Flintshire’s finest. He served not only his country during the Second World War, but he fought against the evil forces of fascism in Europe. He was one of the many men from Flintshire who fought selflessly to liberate the French people from the tyranny of oppression they were under.

Holding a civic ceremony for Mr. Commins is a small way for Flint to thank him for his service and sacrifice. I know that the people of Flintshire will want to send Mr. Commins their support and thanks.

Mr. Commins past deeds secured our peace and freedom. Ensuring that we can live in a free and democratic society. For that we are truly grateful.

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