This week I visited Save the Children charity shop in Mold to support the National Christmas jumper fundraiser.

Launched by Save the Children in 2012, the Christmas Jumper Day has raised millions of pounds for children across the UK and worldwide. Once again, the charity hopes to raise millions.

This is part of the international work that Save the Children does, promoting children’s rights, providing relief and helping to support children in developing countries worldwide through multiple campaigns. Last year, the charity helped over 13 million children globally – helping bring 1.6 million children out of poverty and reaching 10.6 million through health and nutrition programmes. Save the Children has also responded to the crises in Yemen, Rohingya and Syria where millions of children are at risk of famine, displacement or attacks.

The work of Save the Children, both in the UK and globally, has been vital in improving the lives of millions of children over the last few years. The Christmas jumper campaign has been a key part of this and I am happy to support it. I hope as many people as possible will take part, and also visit local charity shops such as Save the Children Mold.

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This week I joined the Royal Mail sorting office team in Flint to thank them for their tireless work and to wish them a merry Christmas.
This Monday, 10 December 2018, was National Postal Workers Day. This day was organised by the Communication Workers’ Union – the trade union that represents postal workers – and gave us all a chance to thank our local postie for the work they do.
Postal workers carry out their important work come rain or shine and this week gives us a chance to thank them for their dedicated efforts.
The Royal Mail delivers post to every one of our country’s 30 million addresses, six days a week, 52 weeks a year.
The hard-working Postmen and Postwomen of Delyn have some of the difficult postal addresses in the country to deliver to. It doesn’t take much for Delyn to be hit by heavy snow and they are ready and willing to get our letters and parcels to us on time.
Getting the chance to say thank you to those in the Flint sorting office is really important to me. Without postal workers the country would grind to a halt. I know I rely heavily upon them to ensure that constituents are supported.
Those who work in the Royal Mail and the Post Office are community driven people. Our towns and villages would be poorer without them. I would urge everyone over this festive season to wish your postie a very merry Christmas and to thank them for all they do.

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Labour secured an emergency debate today noting our anger that the UK Government unilaterally pulled the vote that should have taken place tonight on their UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement.

I was able to intervene in the Deputy Prime Minister to put to him we could have moved a step closer to sorting Brexit if we were allowed the vote today, and noted how I have been inundated with correspondence from constituents putting forward their concerns on the UK Government’s handling of this.

It is an utter shambles which is harming our businesses – like the important agriculture sector – in Delyn. The UK Government may have saved themselves from tonight’s vote, but they are prolonging the pain for everyone else.

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Earlier this year the privately run HMP Birmingham collapsed to such an extent that the UK Government had to nationalise it. Standards had slipped to completely unacceptable levels with prison officers and offenders safety being put at risk.

It is a prison that has experienced riots in the past and it was an utter failure of G4S to ensure they fulfilled their contractual agreements.

During the Justice Select Committee I was able to press the representative from G4S on what actions he had taken in the run up to the collapse of the prison and why he didn’t act sooner.