Just before Prime Minister’s Questions this week, I had the chance to call on the Government to make clear its plans to help protect the Rohingya people in Myanmar.

Rohingyas arriving in an area known as Cox’s Bazaar – a district in Bangladesh – say they fled after troops, backed by local Buddhist mobs, responded by burning their villages and attacking and killing civilians.

I want to see the UK maintain its position as a world leader in humanitarian crises and the protection of the Rohingyas is a true test of the Government’s dedication to this cause.

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I am concerned by the dramatic rise in crime both in England and Wales and locally within the North Wales police force.

Figures published today show that total recorded crime (excluding fraud) in North Wales rose by 7%, compared with year ending June 2016 to year ending June 2017. Not only that but the figures showed rises in:

• Violence with injury – Up 16%
• Stalking and harassment – Up 23%
• Sexual Offences – Up 27%
• Domestic burglary – Up 25%
• Theft from a person – Up 22%
• Misc. crimes against society – Up 17%

North Wales Police have seen their budgets slashed by the UK Government by £4.3m since 2010 and 138 Police Officers have had to be lost to try and cope with the loss of revenue. North Wales Police have witnessed the highest percentage rise in violence against the person in the whole of Wales, closely followed by Dyfed-Powys and South Wales on 18%. Read more “Rise in police recorded crime”

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I have met with Asda at a parliamentary reception to see what they are doing to tackle the obesity crisis and support school children understand how to live a healthier lifestyle.

The reception saw Asda shopworkers inform MPs of the outreach programmes they undertake to ensure that school children in their communities are taught about the benefits of health eating. This is done through visiting schools with fruit, vegetables and low-sugar products to show where their produce comes from and how they can live a healthier lifestyle. Read more “Asda healthy eating campaign”

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I have co-signed a letter to the Prime Minister calling for action to be taken by the Government to stop the planned jobs losses at BAE Systems from happening.

The letter calls on the Prime Minister to look at the option of bringing forward orders to provide additional work for BAE’s employees, such as replacing the Red Arrows’ fleet of Hawk aircraft. Read more “All Party Letter to save jobs at BAE Systems”