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Justice Minister Confirms Flint Court Future

Delyn MP David Hanson and representatives from Flint Town Council have met with Justice Minster Bridget Prentice MP in Westminster and received assurances about the future of Flint Magistrates’ Court.

The delegation met with the Justice Minister to discuss the future of the court and pressed for future investment and the deployment of more resources.

David Hanson said:

“I was pleased that the Justice Minister was able to confirm that there is a future for Flint Magistrates’ Court.

“The court is an important and historic working body in Flint. Having a local accessible court helps to keep a strong link between witnesses, defendants, magistrates and the police.”

Terry Renshaw, Mayor of Flint:

“We were very grateful to the Minister for receiving the delegation from Flint Town Council. On top of confirming the future of the court, the Minister agreed to look into ways in which the court can be better utilised in the future.”

Cllr Ian Roberts:

“We were pleased that the Minister agreed to as meeting with us, when regrettably representatives from the North Wales Magistrates’ Courts Committee were unwilling to do so. The meeting was very constructive and we received encouraging assurances about the future of the court.

“We were also very pleased with the speed in which David Hanson MP organised the meeting with the Minister.”

Cllr David Cox, a Magistrate on the Flintshire Bench said:

“As a Magistrate I know how important the issue of accessibility is for all court users. Flint Magistrates’ Court is extremely accessible by all forms of transport and Iit was good to see that the Minister took this on board.”