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By David Hanson MP / Latest News / 0 Comments

Jobs will be lost in north Wales if the Government does not support the Renewable Energy Industry

This morning saw a debate held in Parliament on the future funding of low carbon energy in the UK. I spoke at the debate arguing for support for a vital industry in north Wales. The debate took place with the backdrop of cuts to the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT), which subsidies installations of renewable energy, from 12.47p/kWh to a mere 1.67p/kWh for installations fitted on households and small businesses.

North Wales is a hub of renewable energy employing thousands of people and delivering clean sustainable energy for the future. The world’s second largest offshore windfarm is in Gwynt y Mor. Flintshire has 1,229 installations of renewable energy who currently receive the FiT and north Wales produces 810.20 MW through wind turbines.

The low carbon energy industry employs 140,800 in the UK and adds £10.4 billion a year in Gross Added Value. The renewables industry is a long-term solution which will protect us from ever increasing energy bills.

The cuts the Government are proposing to the support given to the renewable energy industry will be an act of economic vandalism for north Wales. We are a hub of knowledge and ingenuity.

The Minister was unable to give assurances that the Government will support renewable energy. We were promised the ‘Greenest Government in history’, what we have got is the most short-termist government in history when it comes to energy policy.

Energy bills will continue to rise if we don’t use our natural resources of wind, wave and solar.