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I and Hannah Blythyn, Labours Welsh Assembly Candidate for Delyn, to Oppose the Trade Union Bill

Yesterday, I and Hannah Blythyn, Unite representative and Labour’s Welsh Assembly Candidate for Delyn, met in Parliament to oppose the government’s Trade Union Bill.

The Trade Union Bill will allow businesses to employ agency workers to fulfil the jobs of those who have suspended their labour, undermining the freedom to strike. It also calls for all those picketing to give their names to the local Police Force. The right to withhold labour is one of the foundations stones to our democracy, along with freedom of speech and universal human rights.

A delegation of Trade Union members gathered in Central Lobby of the Houses of Parliament to ask MPs to vote against the Trade Union Bill and secure our civil rights and liberties for future generations.

The Trade Union Bill is provocative and will worsen industrial relations. I strongly believe that when businesses and unions work together job security is strengthened and companies become more prosperous.

I have, and will continue to vote against this aggressive Bill in each and every stage in parliament. The government should not be pursuing this as it will undermine the good industrial relations we have built over the last 20 years.

Hannah Blythyn said:

“I will not stand by and see our rights eroded by this Bill. The government should stop and admit that this bill is both ill thought out and would actually undermine industrial relations in the UK.

“This Bill is not in the interests of workers, workplaces or Wales – it will wipe away the hard fought rights of people in Flintshire. Rest assured David and I will work tirelessly to ensure that this Bill is stopped.