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Home Office Questions: Police Funding Settlement

On Monday, I asked the Minister of State for Police, Brandon Lewis MP, about the forthcoming police grant settlement.

The grant settlement is where central government provides a grant to police to perform their duties. The remaining gap between the needs of the police and the grant is made up with local government taxation, like council tax.

The projected central government grant income for North Wales police for 2017/18 is set, once again, to be cut. That means that since 2010/11 the Government has cut funding to North Wales police by a little under £4.5 million. The only way for our police to fulfill their duties and provide the protection that we need is to ask local government for more contributions. This sees council tax rates rise to compensate for the Government’s cuts.

The Minister decided to blame the last Labour Government for the cuts they are putting in place. This is plain wrong. We have been under this Government for the past 7 years. It is their failures which have created a crisis in police funding. But instead of taking the blame for their cuts they are passing the buck to local councils. Local councils who are also struggling with the cuts imposed by central government.

Councillors in Flintshire are working tirelessly to deliver the services that we expect for less money. It is about time the Government owned up to the fact that they are undermining our police and local government services.

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