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By David Hanson MP / Latest News / 0 Comments

Home Office Questions: EUROPOL

The UK benefits of being a member of the EU as it brings with it membership of EUROPOL. This is a cross border database and network that all EU police have access to making it easier to find and capture serious organised criminals and people who have fled the UK after committing a crime.

If we left the EU we would lose access to this vital source of information, making our police’s job harder and the life of a criminal easier.

I asked the Minister of State for Policing, Mike Penning MP, how the UK would fair in the event of a vote to Leave on the 23rd June.

The Minister fumbled an answer saying we would work with “other partners around the world” to make sure our criminal justice system was secure.

However, this fails to take into account that other nations may not want to share information with our police and it might take months, if not years, of renegotiation to gain access to vital data. During this time of renegotiation our police will face a harder job in keeping us safe.