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Holywell Branch of NatWest set to close

I am appalled by the decision from Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) to close the Holywell branch of NatWest on the 6th June 2017.

RBS argue that the reason for the closure is an 18% decline in the number of transactions in the branch. RBS state that they will be “communicating with customers affected by the closure”.

This is a blow to the town. We have seen a growing number of closures of banks in recent years. This is leaving people without a branch service which they need for face-to-face meetings and day-to-day banking.

RBS state that a decline in use is the reason for closure. But this fails to take into consideration elderly and vulnerable people who need a branch for their banking needs. Often they do not have access to online banking, which RBS state people will simply switch to with the lack of high street banking.

Not only will this impact upon vulnerable people, but the closure of the branch will hit small businesses particularly hard as they rely on branches to keep on top of their business costs and operations. Removal of NatWest will make it harder for businesses to run in Holywell, an unsettling fact for a town that has so much to offer.

This is a terrible decision for Holywell, a terrible decision for businesses, and a terrible decision for NatWest.

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