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Hidden Dangers of Speeding on Rural Roads

Delyn MP David Hanson is backing a new campaign that highlights the dangers of speeding on rural roads.    

Statistically you are three times more likely to be killed on a rural road than an urban one whilst in a car. The Department for Transport’s THINK! Rural Speed Campaign, warning drivers not to go faster than the conditions allow, can be heard on radio stations around the country this month.

Rural areas can tempt motorists into driving too fast for the conditions they are facing. Long straights and demanding bends, as well as less traffic and fewer pedestrians can make drivers believe it is ‘safe’ to go faster than they normally would. But the stark reality is actually the opposite – the risk of fatally injuring yourself or your passengers increases three-fold on a rural road.

This is backed up by the evidence that there is often only one car involved in rural accidents, making it likely that drivers have been tempted to push themselves or their car beyond their limits.

David Hanson said:

“People can all too easily fool themselves into believing that it is safe to go faster on rural roads than they should. Drivers must match their speed to the road characteristics and weather conditions they are experiencing.

“Across Flintshire there are a number of rural areas where, when driving, drivers must factor in unpredictable hazards – like sharp bends, limited visibility or even animals – which can require a quick reaction.

“Figures for last year show a total of 1,256 motorists killed on rural roads, 325 of which were killed on rural roads when driving too fast for the conditions or speeding. 81 of these were in Wales.

“I would urge all motorists to take special care on rural roads and not just put their foot down because there is less traffic.”