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Hanson Welcomes Tighter Regulations for Bailiffs

Delyn MP David Hanson has greeted plans for tighter regulation of bailiffs, announced by the Government today, as an important new protection for people in Delyn facing economic difficulties.

To safeguard the public from cowboy bailiffs the Government is introducing:

  • an on-line certificated bailiff register allowing debtors to check bailiffs’ certification status;
  • an extension to the certification process to ensure that all bailiffs provide a Criminal Records Bureau check with their application;
  • minimum training requirements and competences for inclusion in the certification process.

These measures will contribute to the development of a more permanent solution of independent regulation in 2012. This will form the basis of a code which will govern the industry and require tougher checks on who can be a bailiff, as well as clearer guidelines on what they can and can’t do.

Welcoming the new measures, David Hanson MP said:

“People have a right to recover their debts, but no-one should have the right to threaten, bully or intimidate people just to collect cash they are owed.

“Regulation of bailiffs is an important part of protecting householders in disputes over debts and fines.

“The Government’s action will raise the level of professionalism among bailiffs by ensuring they are trained and know their legal limits. It will also ensure the public in Delyn is protected by having a properly regulated sector.”