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Hanson Welcomes Rise in Minimum Wage

Delyn MP David Hanson has welcomed today’s announcement that that National Minimum Wage will rise to £5.73 this October. The rate for 18-21 year olds will also increase from £4.60 to £4.77, while the 16-17 year old rate will rise from £3.40 to £3.53.

David Hanson said:

Nearly one million low paid employees across the country, two thirds of them women, will benefit from the increase. This increase will make a real difference to the hardworking families in Flintshire.

“In order to ensure that the minimum wage is enforced there needs to be protections in place for workers and tough penalties for rogue employers. It is for those reasons that I welcome further investment in enforcement as part of the Employment Bill, currently being debated in Parliament.

“When it was first set up there were those that said the National Minimum Wage would cost jobs, on the contrary there have been in excess of three million jobs created in the last ten years.

“The Minimum Wage has helped to lift over 600,000 children out of poverty and protect some of our vulnerable workers. I welcome the increase and will continue to work with the Government to improve the quality of life for all people across Flintshire.”