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Hanson Welcomes Responsible Parliamentary Agenda

Delyn MP David Hanson has today welcomed the Queen’s Speech at the State Opening of Parliament which has promised a programme of tough and responsible action focusing on economic growth, locking in the recovery and forging a stronger and fairer Britain.

David Hanson said:

“Many of the Bills set out in the Queen’s Speech focus on developing our economy during the upturn and ensuring that measures are in place to ensure that we learn from the current economic difficulties.

“Measures announced include a Financial Services Bill which will transform the way in which the financial sector is policed, with banks themselves and not the taxpayer made to pay for bank failings.

“There will also be a measure to ensure that national debt returns to a sustainable level, with the Government accountable to Parliament through the Fiscal Responsibility Bill.

“And as a key part of our strategy for growth, the Government will promote targeted investment that creates jobs and builds a modern green infrastructure for the digital age. The Digital Economy Bill is a key part of the Government’s active industrial strategy and will maintain and build on Britain’s leading position in the digital sector.

“The Energy Bill will bring about a financial support mechanism to demonstrate carbon capture and storage at a commercial scale and there will be better protection for businesses, communities and homes from the risks of extreme weather as a result of climate change will be provided by the Flood and Water Management Bill.

“Other Bills include the Social Care Bill, which will mean the dignity of a new national care service and the Crime and Security Bill will protect communities by making parents take responsibility for their child’s antisocial behaviour, imposing parenting orders when a young person has breached an ASBO. As Home Office Minister responsible for this Bill I will taking it through the House of Commons.

“Overall this is an extremely important package of measures that will positively impact on the lives of people in Delyn and I look forward to working with the Government to take it forward.

“If anyone would like any more information about the new programme please get in contact with my office 01352 763159.”