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Hanson Welcomes Protections from Unscrupulous Bailiffs

Delyn MP David Hanson has welcomed the Government’s new plans to protect householders from unscrupulous bailiffs.

The new measures will mean more training for bailiffs to stamp out cowboy practices; there will be set qualifications to raise standards and there will be a powerful independent regulator.

The plans are announced in response to the consultation paper ‘Regulation of Enforcement Agents’, published today. This document recommends that bailiffs in England and Wales should be regulated by one body, the Security Industry Authority.

The responses show agreement on the need for a statutory body to regulate the bailiff profession. It would deliver better value for money, set one standard for the industry and one set of training competencies leading to set qualifications.

Respondents also said that regulation would provide safeguards to ensure debtors rights were not violated.

David Hanson said:

“Whilst I understand that people have a right to recover debt there can be no place for bailiffs that employ bullying tactics to intimidate people into handing over cash.

“These new rules will raise the level of professionalism amongst bailiffs and protect the public.”