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Hanson Welcomes New Gambling Protections

Delyn MP David Hanson has welcomed new gambling laws designed to protect children and vulnerable people, cut crime and keep games fair. The enforcement of these new protections are being backed by more than 1500 inspectors.


The Gambling Act, which replaces legislation dating as far back as 1845, governs nearly all forms of gambling including: gaming in arcades and adult gaming centres; betting; bingo; casinos; gambling in clubs and pubs; lotteries (except the National Lottery) and remote gambling.


The Act creates the Gambling Commission, one of the most powerful gambling regulators in the world. It will be able to levy unlimited fines, withdraw licences, bring prosecutions, enter premises, seize goods and suspend and void bets.


The Act also gives a new role to local authorities, empowering more than 1500 licensing officers (alongside 50 specialist Gambling Commission compliance officers) to inspect gambling premises to enforce the new laws.


David Hanson said:


“These new laws mean that for the first time, betting shops and remote gambling sites based in the UK will be governed by a dedicated regulator, the Gambling Commission.


”Local authorities will be able to impose sanctions on operators, including limiting opening hours and reducing numbers of gaming machines and local people will be able to object to new gambling licences and seek reviews of existing ones.


“The Government brought in the Gambling Act because most of our laws were nearly 40 years old and these developments were going unchecked and unregulated. The Gambling Act gives the Gambling Commission and local authorities unprecedented powers to ensure gambling is conducted fairly, children and vulnerable people are protected and crime is kept out.”