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Hanson Welcomes More Trade for Flintshire


Delyn MP David Hanson is encouraging Flintshire to buy fair trade products during this Fairtrade Fortnight (23rd February – 8th March).


The Government has committed significant resources: almost £2 million to Fairtrade since 1997 out of £12 million to fair and ethical trade initiatives. The Government’s support for Aid for Trade which helps developing countries build their trade capacity – is growing and will be above £400 million a year by 2010.


Fairtrade sales in the UK have been doubling every 2 years for the last 10 years. The total value of Fairtrade labelled products sold in the UK in 2007 was £493 million, up from £286 million in 2006. This growth is not restricted to the UK: the market for Fairtrade labelled products has been growing worldwide at 30-40 per cent a year.  By the end of 2007 Fairtrade sales exceeded £1.6 billion – almost seventy times more than 10 years ago.


David Hanson said:


“During this global economic downturn, it is vital that world trade continues.


“Our shopping habits can make a real difference to the world’s poorest people. Fair Trade helps support 7.5 million people in the developing world.


“By buying food and presents from developing countries we will help grow their economies and reduce poverty.


“Already the UK’s demand for African fruit and vegetables benefits a million farmers and their families. When consumers and retailers act together to promote and buy goods from developing countries, we can make a real difference to the lives of some of the world’s poorest people.”