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Hanson Welcomes Further Minimum Wage Increase

Delyn MP David Hanson has welcomed the news that the National Minimum Wage has risen again to £5.52 from 1st October.

Upon recommendations by the Low Pay Commission, from the adult minimum wage rate has risen to £5.52, that the Youth Development Rate will rise to £4.60 and that the minimum wage for 16-17 year olds will be increased to £3.40.

David Hanson said:

“I am delighted that some 50,000 of the most vulnerable workers across Wales will benefit from this increase in the National Minimum Wage. We cannot afford to forget that 10 years ago people could have been paid less than £2 per hour for doing the same job.

“This Government is committed to a rising minimum wage and the latest increase will help millions of workers across the UK and hundreds in Delyn.

“I am proud that the National Minimum Wage continues to play an important role in the development of our economy.”