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Hanson Welcomes EU Cat and Dog Fur Ban

Delyn MP David Hanson has today welcomed an EU-wide ban on the production, marketing, import and export of cat and dog fur.

The ban has today been approved and introduced into EU law by the European Council of Ministers and will apply from 31 December 2008. The delay in implementation is to allow member states sufficient time to introduce sanctions for breaching this legislation which are a national rather than EU competence.

The final EU proposals allow for two very limited exceptions for taxidermy and specific educational purposes. These exemptions still mean that all commercial trade will be illegal. The UK argued for a full ban but accepted these minor amendments in order to allow a full commercial ban to be put in place.

David Hanson said:

“This announcement is great news as this appalling trade in cat and dog fur products is unacceptable.

“There has been some concern about the trade in cat and dog fur across the EU although, to date, there has been little evidence of imports into the UK. This does not mean that we can afford to be any less vigilant.

“I share the revulsion people feel about this and I am delighted that the UK have throughout pushed for an EU-wide ban where it will be most effective in stopping this sickening business.”

“The ban sends out a powerful message to the rest of the world that such a trade will not be tolerated and I hope that other countries will follow suit.”