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Hanson Welcomes Energy Saving Awards

Delyn MP David Hanson and Sandy Mewies AM have met with residents in Mold who have secured funding from the O2 Energy Saver Fund to help reduce their fuel bills and cut carbon emissions. 

The Delyn representatives met up with eco-minded residents in Mold who have been awarded free energy saving home improvement measures worth £2,400* to help reduce their fuel bills, and carbon emissions. The O2 Energy Saver Fund has also provided Mold residents with free low energy light bulbs and expert advice from the Energy Saving Trust.


The O2 Energy Saver Fund is funded by O2’s customers, who save energy by choosing to recycle or retain their mobile phones rather than upgrade. The O2 Energy Saver fund was launched in April 2007 to encourage residents to adopt a community approach to energy saving measures and to bid for an energy saving makeover. Successful bidders receive free expert advice from the Energy Saving Trust. The money raised through the O2 Energy Saver Fund is being used to help communities ‘go green’ by ensuring they use less energy, pollute less, create less waste and make a positive contribution to preventing climate change. For more information about O2’s community activities, visit

David Hanson said:

“I want to congratulate those in Mold that have taken up the energy efficiency measures and managed to secure funding through the Energy Saver Fund.”

“The funding from 02 is most welcome and through the Energy Saving Trust more people can find out about how they can cut emissions and save money.”

Sandy Mewies said:

“It’s wonderful that people in the constituency are doing their bit for saving energy and the environment by securing this important funding. Anyone wishing to find out more about the scheme should ring the advice line on 0800 512 012 or”.

Helen Northmore, Head of the Energy Saving Trust, Wales commented:

“The O2 Energy Saver Fund is delighted to be able to support these four eco-minded residents with free energy saving home improvements. Cavity wall and loft insulation will not only reduce their household fuel bills, but also help reduce the community’s carbon footprint. For example, if all 10,000 residents in Mold topped up their loft insulation to 270mm, they would collectively save enough CO2 per year to fill over 15,000 double-decker buses (2,713 tonnes). The financial savings will be over £320,000 which is enough to pay the yearly fuel bill for 358 households.”

Helen Wright, O2’s Environment Manager said:

“Helping people make improvements to their homes’ energy efficiency is clearly one of the key reasons why the O2 Energy Saver Fund was established. We are delighted that these four residents in Mold have shown their environmental desires and are now benefiting from some simple, yet money saving, measures.  Through the investment made by O2, and our customers, this community in North Wales will see benefits from the increased insulation and other life-time energy-saving measures.”

* footnote: if the homeowners had not received help towards the cost of installing these energy saving home improvement measures through a grant or offer (eg see: it would have cost around £2,400 to have these measures installed in the four homes.