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Hanson Welcomes Crime Drop

Delyn MP and Policing Minister David Hanson has welcomed the latest fall in crime with police recorded crime down in England and Wales by eight per cent with burglary, robbery and violence all down.

The latest recorded figures show violent crime is falling and the murder rate is the lowest it has been for a decade – a fall of 14 per cent last year.

There have been falls this quarter in recorded incidents of burglary (down 8 per cent) and personal robbery (down 9 per cent). This has been driven, in part, by a £20 million package of preventive measures to help secure homes and businesses.

Since 1997 crime as measured by the British Crime Survey has fallen by 36 per cent, violence is down by 41 per cent and burglary is down by 54 per cent.

David Hanson MP said:

“Today’s figures show that the crimes the public care most about are falling across the country with burglary, robbery and violence all down this quarter and overall police recorded crime reduced by eight per cent.

“I’m very pleased to see that confidence in the police is increasing and the number of people worried about high levels of antisocial behaviour has fallen to 15 per cent – the lowest on record. The British Crime Survey also shows and the risk of being a victim is at its lowest point ever.

“The fall in crime across the Wales region shows the difference that can be made when we work together to tackle crime and is a testament to the effort and commitment shown by police and crime reduction partners around the region.

“It is the dedicated police officers and Community Support Officers – 16,000 more police and 16,000 more CSO’s than when Labour came to power – who we have pledged to protect – a pledge the Tories refuse to match.

“During the 1990s recession, acquisitive crime – burglary, robbery and theft – rose by 19 per cent in 1990 and 18 per cent in 1991.

“In stark contrast, during the current recession and burglary has fallen by 8 per cent, robbery has fallen by 9 per cent – with robbery at knife point down by 16 per cent.”

“In Wales there continue to be challenges in tackling some specific types of crime. The Home Office remains committed to supporting forces in delivering for the public and the Government has given the police and local agencies greater flexibility to respond quickly to local crime issues and tailor responses to local priorities and needs, at the same time becoming more accountable to the communities they serve.”