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Hanson Welcomes Constructive Police Meeting

Delyn MP and former Police Minister has welcomed an extremely constructive meeting with the North Wales Police Chief Constable Mark Polin but condemned the decision to hold commissioner elections next November at an extra cost of £25 million.

David Hanson said:

“I was pleased that North Wales Labour MPs were able to have such a constructive meeting with the Chief Constable. Whilst I recognise what an excellent job the police in Flintshire do I am very aware that the front loaded cuts will make it harder for them to do their job.

“The latest figures confirm that crime has increased across Flintshire by about 5% over the last year as North Wales Police as more officers are to lose their jobs over the next year.”

Commenting on the decision to delay commissioner elections, he said:

“The decision to delay the elections for the new Police Chief Commissioners adds further uncertainty and cost to a policy which is setting the tax payer back around £100 million.


“The Prime Minister has revealed that the extra cost will be £25 million – this at a time where 16,000 police officers are about to lose their jobs.


“The news this week that an extra £25 million is to be spent on a winter election next year is further evidence that this Government has got its priorities wrong. Instead of cutting 16,000 police officers, and taking an irresponsible gamble with crime and public safety, it should rethink this reckless reorganisation.”