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Hanson Welcomes Business Roll Out of Smart Meters

Delyn MP David Hanson has welcomes the Government’s decision to roll out smart meters to medium sized businesses. The meters can bring a range of benefits and has the potential to play a key role in improving the information energy consumers receive about their energy use, helping them manage and reduce it.


Smart meters enable consumers and suppliers to access more information about energy use and cost. They offer the possibility of remote communication between the meter and the supplier facilitating, amongst other things, more efficient collection of billing information and other approaches that could be used to further incentivise energy efficient behaviour by consumers and suppliers alike.


A smart meter roll out to medium sized businesses will see around 170,000 electricity and 40,000 gas meters being updated with more advanced technology.   This policy should save around 0.14 MtC per annum by 2020.  Smart meters will also help business reduce business’s energy consumption and cut their energy costs.


David Hanson said:


In this year’s budget the Government announced that it will proceed with a smart meter roll out to medium size businesses over the next 5 years.


“An amendment to the Energy Bill also allows the Government to move forward, subject to further analysis and informal consultation, with smart metering for the small business/domestic sector once final decisions have been reached.


“The Government will work with stakeholders, firstly on impact assessment and secondly on the market model for a roll out to ensure it is in a position to take final decisions for the small business / domestic sectors by the end of the year.


“Trials conducted by the Carbon Trust with a range of businesses found that advanced metering, coupled with consumption data and advice, reduced a business’s consumption by an average of 5%.”