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Hanson Welcomes Bali Roadmap

Delyn MP David Hanson has welcomed the historical climate change agreement in Bali after two weeks of intense negotiations. The agreement means there is now a roadmap in place for achieving a global climate deal by the end of 2009 to replace the Kyoto Protocol.

Developed and developing countries alike signed up to the agreement, which for the first time ever will bring together all the world’s countries to negotiate on a climate treaty to take the world beyond 2012.

The Roadmap sets out a clear agenda for negotiations and a timetable ending in 2009, as well as linking back to the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). In particular, all countries will adopt a shared vision for long-term cooperative action, including a long-term global goal.

UK Environment Secretary Hilary Benn, who led the UK delegation, described the Bali Roadmap as the most significant agreement to protect the world and its inhabitants since the Kyoto Protocol was signed in 1997.

David Hanson said:

“This is a real breakthrough and a huge step in the right direction, as for the first time ever all the world’s nations have agreed to negotiate a deal to tackle climate change by 2009.

“The world’s leaders now know that we cannot dodge this issue and the scientific consensus is now behind making substantial emissions cuts over the coming years.

“The nations leave Bali with a roadmap which includes every country and covers emission reductions from developed countries and fair and equitable contributions from developing countries.

“There has also been a groundbreaking agreement on deforestation, and others on adaptation and technology.

“However, in many ways this is just the beginning and the campaigning and hard work must continue to ensure that the 2009 agreement is the kind of comprehensive global climate deal that the world needs to take us beyond 2012.”