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Hanson Votes Against Post Office Privatisation

Delyn MP David Hanson yesterday voted against the Government’s Postal Services Bill which will lift all restrictions on the ownership of the Royal Mail and allow the Government to sell shares in the company.


David Hanson said:
The aim of Labour’s proposals in the Postal Services Bill 2009 was to ensure a level playing field for Royal Mail, secure its future in public ownership, and protect the universal postal service. Unfortunately with this Bill – that has been rushed through Parliament- these protections have been lifted.


“Labour’s proposals made it clear that we would not privatise Royal Mail and we would not downgrade the universal service obligation.


“A privatised Royal Mail could withdraw its services from all but the busiest of post offices, forcing many others to close, or it could even switch services to a High St chain or supermarket.


“Once again it will be the most vulnerable in society who will struggle to get the services they need.


“By retaining a majority stake in the Royal Mail, we would have retained decision-making power in a way that is not guaranteed by the Conservative – LibDem proposals in the 2010 Bill, which will allow the complete sell-off of the Royal Mail.”