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Hanson Urges Travellers to Prepare for Holidays

Delyn MP David Hanson is backing the Government’s ‘Know Before You Campaign’ which highlights the key problems that British Nationals experience abroad over the summer months. Many of these problems can be prevented, or made easier to deal with through better preparation by travellers.

The British Behaviour Abroad report provides incident figures from Foreign Office records highlighting the key problems that British nationals experience abroad. According to the most accurate figures available, the period April 05-March 06 saw 1,368 Britons arrested in the USA; 955 hospitalised in Greece; 376 British citizens die in France and 6,078 lose their passports in Spain.

David Hanson said:

“Everyone wants to enjoy their summer holidays and the majority will pass without serious incident. It is however well worth the time to find out a little about where you are going to take on board some of the advice available.

“It is worthwhile finding out about the local laws and customs of your destination – what might be perfectly appropriate behaviour or dress in one country might be completely different in another – for example, wearing camouflage clothing is illegal in some Caribbean Countries; and some nasal sprays widely used in the UK are illegal in Japan.

“You should also be aware of what you can and can’t bring home. Customs departments throughout the world confiscate illegal souvenirs, and in the UK you could face a criminal prosecution and fines.

“One of the most common problems is the losing of passports. It is recommended that before you travel you make two photocopies of the page with your details on. Leave one with friends or family at home and take one with you when you travel – this will assist a speedier turnaround if your passport is lost or stolen

“Once abroad, keep your passport in a safe place (e.g. hotel safe). If you need to carry ID when you’re out and about, use a photocopy. If you lose your passport or it is stolen, report the loss immediately to the nearest local police station and obtain a police report before contacting the nearest Embassy. Have your photocopy handy.

“You should always have health insurance and make sure you have the right vaccinations.

“For more details on how to prepare for your holidays go to”