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Hanson Urges Constituents to Check Tax Credit Entitlement as Flintshire Economy Stays Strong

Delyn MP David Hanson is urging constituents to check whether they may be missing out on getting financial help.

People are able to claim Working Tax Credits, which give support to individuals on a low income. The tax credits are helping 6 million families and 10 million children, with a 97% take up amongst those with incomes less than £10,000.

Working Tax Credits top up income so that an individual without children who is working full-time is guaranteed a weekly income of at least £180 a week. People without children are eligible for WTC if they are over 25, work more than 30 hours a week and earn less than £11,500 (or £16,000 as a couple)

David Hanson said:

“I urge anyone who thinks they might be eligible to claim their Working Tax Credits. These tax credits help those who most need it, and support work where wages are low.

“I want to ensure everyone who can benefit from Working Tax Credits does, so am supporting the campaign to raise awareness and encourage people to check whether they are eligible.

“The economy here in Flintshire remains strong, with unemployment continuing to drop; 8% in the last year.


“The economy continues to grow and the UK is set to be the fastest growing economy this year with GDP growth of 3 per cent. This is backed up with employment levels at a record high, with over 29 million people in work for the first time ever, and the UK’s best inflation performance for a century.”