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Hanson to Consult on Weekend Elections

Delyn MP David Hanson is asking the people of Delyn for their thoughts on whether moving General Elections from a Thursday to the weekend would make them more likely to vote.


David Hanson said:


“The Government is considering measures to make voting more convenient and is examining the case for moving voting to the weekend for both general and potentially local elections.


“Holding general elections on a working weekday puts the UK in a minority among Western democracies as most other European countries hold elections at the weekend or on a public holiday.


“Every general election in England since 1945 has taken place on a Thursday but the only requirement currently is that it must be held on a weekday. Before 1945 elections took place on a variety of days and the last general election to be held at the weekend was in 1918.


“I want to know whether you think moving elections to the weekend would make the system more convenient and potentially raise turnout.”