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Hanson Slams Government as Solar Energy Scheme Slashed

Delyn MP David Hanson has slammed the Government for again slashing the Feed-in tariff scheme, plunging the sector into further uncertainty and threatening manufacturing jobs in Flintshire.

Standing up in the House of Commons today, the Delyn MP called for the Minister to explain how cutting the feed-in tariff scheme in this way helps to promote manufacturing in Britain.

David Hanson said:

“The Government’s decision to slash feed in tariffs for solar by half is truly breathtaking. Kingspan in Holywell is just one of the companies in Flintshire that will be hit hard by these changes.

“The Government says that the new reduced tariffs will apply to all installations accredited on or after 12 December. This is despite the consultation over the proposals not finishing until 23 December. This proves that the Government has given up listening to the public on this issue.

“Green technologies, like the solar PV industry, are the future and are already employing around 25,000 people in the UK. But far from behaving like the “greenest government ever” as they promised, the Government are again scaling back on feed-in tariffs at a time when the industry is beginning to develop.

“The Government has once again undermined the growth of the renewable industry, which is currently less than 5% of the size of the solar industry in Germany.

“Two years ago, we were third in the world in renewable investment; today we are 13th behind Brazil and India.

“Business models are being torn up once again today as the Government has caved in to the vested interest of the energy giants which has cast a huge shadow over jobs and investment in the UK.”