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Hanson Responds to Jobless Rise

Delyn MP David Hanson has responded to today’s rise in unemployment by calling on the Government to change course and reinstate employment support to get people off benefits and help grow our economy.

David Hanson said:

“Today’s job figures are extremely disappointing and show that the Government is getting it wrong when it comes to the economy. Instead of focusing on jobs and growth they are cutting important employment support too fast and too deep.

“The decision to cancel the Future Jobs Fund was the wrong one, as it would have created 200,000 jobs for young people – including thousands here in Wales. Today we see that youth unemployment is at a record high and urgent action is now required to stop a generation of young people being lost to worklessness.


“Private sector employment is dead flat. Public sector job cuts are mounting. Now five people are chasing every single job and in 100 constituencies it’s ten people chasing every vacancy.


“With unemployment and inflation rising and with economic growth stalling, this Conservative-led Government needs a new plan for the economy.”