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Hanson Presses Government Over Employment Concerns

During a House of Commons debate on unemployment, Delyn MP David Hanson has questioned the Government’s decision to make deep and lasting cuts to public services this year while the recovery is still fragile.

The Government’s own Office of Budget Responsibility predicts that the implementation of the Budget will see employment down by over 100,000 and lower growth this year and next.

David Hanson said:

“This Government is slashing the very programmes that our young people need in place to get them into the job market and participate in the recovery.

“Programmes like the future jobs fund and cuts to the number of university places available are a real concern for the young people of Flintshire.

“The Office of Budget Responsibility predicted that Osborne’s strategy will mean tens of thousands more people on the dole queue, and will bring employment down by one hundred thousand.

“And this is based on an optimistic assessment of the private sector’s capacity to absorb those losing their jobs. Labour market experts suggest that the Government’s plans will have a much larger impact on unemployment.

“When it comes to growing our economy, again these plans fall wide of the mark.

“The Budget set out a corporation tax cut of 4%, implemented over the next 4 years. But it is paid for by a slashing investment allowances that encourage businesses to take a longer term view.

“Manufacturers have labelled these plans a “disaster” and said they would make businesses “think twice about investing in the UK”.

“I will be opposing this cuts programme where they are to the detriment of the people of Flintshire and I will be standing up for local jobs and our public services.”