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Hanson Presses Government for Airbus Decision

Delyn MP David Hanson in the House of Commons this week has spoken out against the Government’s decision to review the A400m contract, which will see 22 new sets of wings made at the Broughton plant.

Speaking during a Parliamentary Debate on the aviation military industry the Flintshire MP said:

“Constituents are very concerned to ensure that the A400M aircraft is developed, purchased and built, and that the relevant skills are grown, to ensure that we meet the needs not only of the military, but of the skills base in the private sector.”

He stressed that this was:

“…about maintaining a world-class manufacturing base with skills development and long-term jobs in the British aerospace industry, both in the military sector and, as with my constituency, in the civil sector.”

He concluded by calling on the Minister to endorse the agreement and warned against ducking the challenge and purchasing off the shelf from foreign countries:

“…we will be exporting those jobs to competitors-to foreign countries-who will ultimately cost us more in the long term, not just in terms of our technology and our ability to export products and skills to other countries, but in relation to our future defence capacity.”