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Hanson Passes New Protections for NHS Staff

In his role as Justice Minister, Delyn MP David Hanson has passed new amendments to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill creating new offences for those that cause a disturbance to NHS staff in Wales.

The amendments are part of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill, which is due to get Royal Assent this week, and they create a new offence of causing a nuisance and disturbance to NHS staff on hospital premises. They also provide constables and designated NHS staff with a power to remove persons causing nuisance and disturbance from hospital premises.

David Hanson said:

“The NHS staff in Wales do a fantastic job and we need to ensure that the right measures are in place to protection them and the hospitals patients.

“These amendments that I passed on Tuesday in the House of Commons bring Wales into line with England creating a new offence for those that cause disturbance or nuisance to NHS staff on hospital premises.

“The Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill builds on the considerable reforms to the Criminal Justice System over the past ten years to rebalance the system in favour of the victim and the law-abiding majority.

“We will continue to protect the public, reduce re-offending, promote and improve access to justice and increase public confidence in the justice system.”