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Hanson Opens Kickback Wall

Delyn MP David Hanson has opened the Northop Hall Kickback Wall as the first stage has now been completed.

The Northop Hall Kickback Wall is a multi-sport play area located on purpose built tarmac pitch. It is comprised of a recessed goal and a basket/netball hoop to facilitate informal games played by individual children or groups. The Kickback Wall is been built thanks to the efforts of the Northop Hall Community Pavilion Association, which manages the Northop Hall community centre and sports pitches.


A need was identified by Northop Hall Community Council for somewhere for young people to play informal ball games away from residential areas to avoid disturbance to village residents. The Kickback Wall is located at the village community centre which has existing sporting and leisure facilities. Project management, including the securing of planning permission has been successfully undertaken by the Leisure Services Department of Flintshire County Council.

The Committee have formulated a long term plan to expand the Kickback Wall facility so that eventually “end to end” games can be played on a larger

Glenys Jones, Chair of Northop Hall Community Council said:

“The project was conceived through consultation by Northop Hall Community Council with youth and community groups including representatives from the local police. It is a fine example of local groups working together in partnership to achieve real benefits for their community.

“Northop Hall Community Council has donated £4,000 to the protect and

fundraising efforts by the Northop Hall Pavilion Management Committee have secured a further £11,000 of funding from the Hanson Environment Fund, Flintshire County Council, Northop Hall Youth Club and Warwick International.”

Andrew Bailey, Chairman of the Northop Hall Pavilion Committee said:

“There are approximately 250 young people living in the village who are between 10 and 19 years of age who now have access to this important facility. It will provide real benefits to young people in the community and viewed in a wider context, it has enhanced the viability of the Northop Hall Community Pavilion by making it a more attractive venue for children’s parties and events.”

David Hanson said:

“It is an honour to open this new facility and meet with the coordinators of this important project. I want to congratulate the committee on the hard work it has put in, in moving this innovative project forward.

“This Kickback Wall will give the young people of Northop Hall, and the nearby villages, a much-needed area to meet and play and I want to give it my full backing.”


The Northop Hall Pavilion Management Committee have produced publicity leaflets for distribution in the village to promote the facilities at the centre including free public use of the Kickback Wall. A brief video has also been produced and published on Youtube to promote the Centre

From Left to Right:

Mrs Glenis Jones (Chairman of  Northop Hall Community Council)

Mr Ray Morris (Unit Manager Hanson)

Mr Andrew Bailey (Chairman, Northop Hall Community Pavilion)

Mrs Claire Cromey (Secretary, Northop Hall Community Pavilion)

Mr David Hanson MP

Others- Members of Nothop Hall Youth Club.