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Hanson Opens Community Safety Day

Delyn MP David Hanson has opened a community safety day organised by KeyRing at Danger Point. 




KeyRing’s support is based on vulnerable people living in their own homes but sharing their skills and talents with each other and with their communities.

There is a volunteer in each Network who sees Members regularly and helps the group work together. The volunteer is like a good neighbour who will help out if difficulties arise. Because the volunteer lives in the community, they know what’s going on and are able to help Members make links.

KeyRing encourage people to make good links in their neighbourhood. Members have saved lives, campaigned for street lights and run neighbourhood improvement campaigns.

This event promoted independence and personal safety as everyone on KeyRing live in their own accommodation.


David Hanson said:


“The KeyRing organisation does some great work helping and supporting vulnerable people to stay in their homes and contribute positively to their local community.”