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Hanson Joins Forces with Flint & Holywell Rotary to Tackle Polio

Delyn MP David Hanson has joined forces with Flint & Holywell Rotary to raise funds for the Rotary Polio Eradication Campaign.

Since Rotary began its PolioPlus Programme, the number of countries where polio is endemic has declined from more than 125 in 1985 to just four in 2008.


Polio can only be prevented through immunisation, which has been successful in eradicating the disease in all but four countries – Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Nigeria – in the last 25 years.

The number of new polio cases has been reduced by more than 99% during that time. Despite this, it remains only an air flight away from the UK, which is why the eradication campaign must continue.

David Hanson said:

“When you give just £1 to support immunisation against polio, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will give another £1.78 – bringing the total donation up to £2.78.

“The vaccine to immunise one child costs just 50p so the donation will save more than five lives.

“I want to thank Flint & Holywell Rotary Club for all the work they do.”

A spokesperson for Flint & Holywell Rotary said:

“Rotary International has mobilised a huge volunteer army including thousands of volunteers at local level who provide support at clinics or in other polio eradication activities. More than one million Rotarians worldwide have contributed to the success of the polio eradication programme.”