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Hanson Concern at Crime Rise

Delyn MP and Shadow Policing Minister David Hanson has expressed his concern at today’s rise in crime and has slammed the Government for having no plan to reverse the worrying trend.

David Hanson said:

“Crime fell under Labour – a pattern that continued even during the recession.
“These figures are a worrying sign that crime is now starting to increase after years of coming down. It once again shows that this is a terrible time to cut over 16,000 police officers.

“Figures for the last nine months show police recorded crime going up, with wider increases too.

“And it is extremely concerning that burglary is up 10% and robbery offences involving a knife or sharp instrument up 7%.

“I know how hard police in North Wales and across the UK are working, but the scale and pace of the cuts are putting police forces and Chief Constables in an impossible situation.

“Crime fell by 43 per cent while Labour was in government, but people want it to fall further not go back up again. Now we are seeing evidence of crime rising under this Tory-led Government. They need to take urgent action to cut crime instead of just cutting police.”


Notes to editors
1. British Crime Survey

· All BCS crime up 2%
· Burglary up 10%
· Theft from the person up 7%
· All violent crime up 3%
· Violent crime with injury up 10%
2. Police Recorded Crime

· Total recorded crime has been going up since October 2010 (Annex A)

Quarter from October – December 2010: 989.1
Quarter from April – June 2011: 1,043
Robbery offences involving the use of a knife or sharp instrument increased by 7% compared to year to June 2010
Overall robbery up 3%
Other theft offences up 5%

Source: Crime in England and Wales:  Quarterly Update to June 201, Home Office Statistical Bulletin, 20 October 2011
Full stats here: