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Hanson Catches Up with International Cricket

Delyn MP David Hanson dropped in to the European Twenty 20 cricket tournament in Carmel on Friday.

The invitational Twenty20 tournament was organised after Carmel & District Cricket Club became the first village cricket team in Wales to play cricket against national cricket teams in the summer of 2007. Carmel faced national teams from Estonia, Russia and Latvia and also became the first touring side to win the Helsinki International Sixes competition in the nine-year history of the event.

After deciding to put on a tournament in Flintshire, the Carmel Invitational EuroTwenty20 tournament was born.

National teams representing Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Russia and Slovakia were invited, and agreed to take part in, the competition which took place from July 13 – 20, and resulted in narrow victory for Estonia on Sunday.

David Hanson said:

“This is a great initiative which has bought together players from Wales and all over Eastern Europe.

“We have seen an increase in economic migrants here in North Wales and these types of cultural and sporting events play an important role in helping us to find common ground and break down barriers. It is also great entertainment for those that had the opportunity to come along.

“I will be supporting Carmel Cricket Club in their bids to attract sponsorship and investment into the tournament and I hope it will become a regular feature for years to come.”