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Hanson Calls for Decisive Flood Action

Delyn MP David Hanson is calling on Flintshire County Council to prioritise its flood alleviation scheme and act in order to secure the homes of hundreds of families affected by flooding in Flintshire.


The Delyn MP wrote to Flintshire County Council and Welsh Water back in March about progress on the Mold Flood Alleviation Scheme. He received the attached replies.


David Hanson said:


“I remain astonished by the lack of action to complete this promised scheme and the failure to protect the homes and residents of Cae Bracty.


“Since I became MP for Delyn I know that the area has flooded on at least four occasions – the last time was just three years ago. The Council have confirmed that the area remains susceptible to flooding – which is exactly what we have seen over the last week or so.


“Despite this, Welsh Water has not visited the site in three years and the first stage of the works on the scheme are not due to commence until this time next year.


“In addition, the Council has failed to find the funding needed for the second stage of the scheme, which would maximise the protection to properties in Mold from flooding.


He added:


“There seems to be some confusion between Welsh Water and Flintshire County Council. As whilst Flintshire claims that the first stage of the scheme will “considerably reduce the incidence of flooding at Cae Bracty”, Welsh Water claims that “the Flintshire scheme, at least until the 2nd phases is completed will have little effect on the flooding issues we have in the area.”


“I am calling on Flintshire County Council to not only bring forward works at Cae Bracty but to listen to Welsh Water and to prioritise the full implementation of this scheme. We need decisive action to protect the homes of those living in Cae Bracty. The people of Mold deserve better.”