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Hanson Backs Energy Saving Revolution

Delyn MP David Hanson has today backed Government plans for an energy saving revolution at home and work in Flintshire. Under the ambitious new long-term Heat and Energy Saving plan people will be able to receive expert, targeted help to cut fuel bills and access low-carbon heat and power in their homes.

People will be offered an energy audit, and the chance to have “whole house treatments” including insulation and low carbon heating supplies. This work could be paid for through a financial package that should mean overall savings on their energy bills. At least 7 million homes across the country could benefit from this.

Key proposals include:

·        Finance packages to install energy efficiency measures and low-carbon heat and power sources would be offered to householders. Repayment from part of the savings on energy bills would be linked to the property, rather than residents.

·        Combined with guaranteed cash payments by way of a Renewable Heat Incentive and a Feed-in Tariff for small scale electricity generation, the payback for homeowners who switch to low-carbon technologies and save energy would start from day one.

·        Options for improving the delivery of energy efficiency advice and measures, including establishing a central coordinating body funded by energy companies and working to Government-set targets.

·        Rolling out low-cost home energy audits, developing a qualification for energy advisers, and establishing an accreditation scheme for installers.

David Hanson said:

“I welcome these proposals. We need an energy revolution to keep energy affordable, secure and reduce our carbon emissions. The Government is offering real help now for people to cut their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

“If we are to tackle climate change and reduce our emissions it will require a radical shift in the energy efficiency of our homes.

“At the moment wasted energy is costing families on average £300 a year, and more than a quarter of all our emissions are from our homes.

“Energy efficiency and low-carbon energy will help to curb emissions, saving money for families, improving our energy security and insulating us from volatile fossil fuel prices.