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Hanson Backs Crackdown on Rogue Wheel Clampers

Delyn MP David Hanson has backed Government plans to introduce compulsory licensing to deal with rogue wheel clamping companies in Delyn.

A consultation will be published shortly on proposals for a compulsory licensing scheme for wheel clamping companies.

This consultation will look at introducing compulsory licensing and industry-wide standards for:

  • signage, including size and visibility;
  • maximum penalties charged and payment methods;
  • minimum time between immobilisation and removal;
  • providing evidence that a parking infringement has taken place;
  • security and location of pound where vehicles are impounded; and
  • complaints and appeals policy.

The measures aim to tackle the limited number of wheel clamping companies whose dodgy practices include excessive penalties for releasing clamped cars, clamping emergency vehicles and those belonging to disabled drivers, impounding cars unreasonably quickly after being clamped, hidden or missing signs warning drivers that clamping takes place, and a lack of any appeals process for drivers.

David Hanson said:

“The licensing of individual wheel clampers has gone a long way to reducing criminality and improving standards in the industry.

“But I know that people in Delyn want further action against the small minority of clamping companies who indulge in sharp practices, including unclear signage and excessive fees.

“The Government is looking at introducing a scheme for compulsory licensing of clamping companies, with clear industry standards that they have to meet.

“Rogue wheel clampers shouldn’t be able to get away with unacceptable practices and I’ll be working with the Government to clamp down on dodgy clampers.”