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Hanson Backs Climate Action

Delyn MP David Hanson has met with the Climate Change Secretary, Ed Miliband MP to discuss the importance of efforts to get a climate change deal at the Copenhagen climate change summit in December.

Ed Miliband has initiated, a site where people can sign up to pledge support for efforts to get a climate change deal at the Copenhagen climate change summit in December. On the site there is a sign up box – to allow people to sign up to support the campaign. People who give an email address will receive exclusive updates about the campaign.

The agreement on emissions that future generations need is not in the bag. Every person who signs up to demand action strengthens those of us who want an ambitious deal and puts pressure on those who would settle for a timid one. People really can make a difference.

David Hanson said:

“The December meeting in Copenhagen matters. More than 180 countries will join a United Nations meeting to thrash out a new international deal to tackle climate change. The stakes could not be higher. We will all be affected by climate change.

“Domestically, the UK Government has taken action. The UK’s greenhouse gas emissions are now 21% below 1990 levels, beating our Kyoto target and the Climate Change Act – a world first – binds the UK government by law to reduce carbon emissions by a third by 2020 and by 80% by 2050.

“The effects of climate change could be devastating, with effects ranging from extreme weather; rises in sea levels; water and food shortages; and extinctions.

“There are alarming signs that these changes are already well underway. Storms, floods, and droughts are happening more often and are more extreme. Arctic summer sea ice is melting faster than previously predicted.

“We need a deal that limits climate change to two degrees, that supports the poorest countries and that can be administered and monitored effectively.”