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Hanson Backs Burglary Crack Down

Delyn MP David Hanson has welcomed free burglary prevention advice and a crack down on repeat burglars as part of a new package of support to help the public to protect themselves from burglary and help keep crime down.

The package is part of wider government action to help increase people’s personal security, particularly those who are the most vulnerable to burglary, and ensure that criminals face the consequences of their crimes.

This builds on the burglary summit in February which brought together charities, public and private sector organisations to discuss practical measures to keep crime down, backed up by a £20 million fund.

The new package sets out how £15 million of that fund will be spent, including:

·         Intensified police operations around the country to turn the tables on repeat burglars, with burglary a top priority for the police nationally.  This will be backed by £3 million funding in targeted areas, to step up the monitoring and management of burglars on release from prison;

·         A free advice pack for people concerned about becoming victims of burglary that provides simple and practical advice on what they can do to prevent it. It includes discount vouchers for home security products from B&Q and Focus, a DIY company;

·         A new £6 million Safer Homes fund to pay for local handy-people to visit up to 45,000 homes of people who are less likely to have good home security, such as older people, students and people on low incomes, and install security devices such as window locks; and

·         New advice from insurers on what home security measures householders can install to get the best deal from the insurance market.

As well as the victims, people living near a home which has been burgled will receive comprehensive advice and information from the authorities on how to prevent future burglaries of their property, including discount cards from the national DIY chain Focus DIY and B&Q.

Neighbourhood Watch will also receive more funding to help increase membership and raise awareness of burglary prevention. To improve security for rental tenants, the Government will be working with local authorities, universities and landlords associations to increase landlord accreditation schemes, which include minimum requirements for security.

David Hanson said:

“Burglary has more than halved over the last ten years and the police continue to crack down on those that repeatedly offend.

“There are a number of simple and practical steps that can be taken to secure your home. The new burglary prevention pack is available to everyone and advice and support is now more readily available.

“The burglary prevention advice packs are available to everyone by ringing 0800 456 1213.”

Anyone who is concerned about burglary can also contact their local neighbourhood police team for information on crime prevention by and using the postcode search facility to find their contact details.