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Hanson Backs Action on Pre-Payment Meter Overcharging

Delyn MP David Hanson has backed moves by the Government to bring tackle unfair pricing policies for those that use pre-payment energy meters.

Last week, the energy regulator OFGEM highlighted the overcharging of millions of those on pre-payment meters and similar overcharging of 4m electricity customers in areas not connected to the gas main.

David Hanson:

“It is clearly unacceptable that people are being overcharged in this way. OFGEM have set a statutory consultation period until December 1st and the Government has made it clear to the big six utility companies that it expects a quicker action or explanation to remedy these abuses.

“If the companies don’t act ahead of Ofgem’s process, the new Secretary of State for Energy, Ed Miliband MP, has instructed officials that they should be prepared to consult on legislation to prevent unfair pricing difficulties.

“The Government is committed to ending this type of overcharging as part of its fair and sustainable energy policy.”