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Halloween Fancy Dress

This week I met with campaigners calling for greater awareness about the dangers surrounding Halloween fancy dress.

The parliamentary event was held in association with Sainsbury’s supermarkets to help ensure that people know that not all children’s fancy dress costumes reach the same health and safety standards. This means that the more rigorous standards put in place by some supermarkets are not met and puts children at risk.

With Halloween around the corner people should check the costumes they are buying their children to make sure they met UK health and safety standards and have the extra safeguards in place to protect them from fire. Moreover, people should consider using LED candles instead of naked flames to reduce the risk of harm even further.

Children up and down Flintshire will be celebrating Halloween next week, and I want to remind parents and guardians to ensure that their children are wearing safe costumes. I also urge people to use LED candles instead of candles with naked flames. This not only helps protect the safety of children, but they are reusable and save money in the long-term.

As well as raising awareness of the dangers surrounding fancy dress, and the way we can minimise the risks, I want to wish everyone a happy Halloween and Bonfire Night in the coming weeks. If you are thinking celebrating Bonfire Night I would highly recommend that you attend a public display that is organised by professionals. They are a fun and safe way to enjoy fireworks.

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