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Government Plans will ‘Kill’ Solar Industry

Delyn MP has called for a Parliamentary debate on Feed-in Tariffs and has once again called on the Tory-led Coalition to U-Turn on its solar energy policy.

It has been revealed that 81% of responses to the Government’s Fast Track FIT Consultation disagreed with the new solar power Tariff rates. The Solar Trade Association has said that the measures will effectively kill the solar industry above 50kW in the UK.

Investments in major UK manufacturing opportunities, Kingspan’s insulate and generate solar roofing, are now in jeopardy, as investors move away from UK.  Cost-effective and accessible public schemes, in leisure centres, supermarkets and schools will be severely limited in future.  Innovative projects, like Enfinity’s solar rail scheme in Belgium powering 4,000 trains, will be impossible in the UK without urgent intervention.

David Hanson said:

“The Government are riding roughshod over the legitimate concerns of the solar power industry.

“I have raised this in Parliament on a number of occasions in recent weeks and met with the Energy Minister alongside Kingspan to set out our concerns. Today I called for an urgent debate on the effect of these changes on the industry and on our energy policy.

“Solar energy is exactly the type of energy we should be encouraging in the UK. The decision today will lose us major manufacturing opportunities, jobs and global competitiveness.


“This decision is short-sighted as it comes in a week where the first of the major energy companies in the UK announced it was to increase gas prices by19 per cent.


“Countries like Germany, Japan and China are all investing in this sector and this Tory-led Government has taken a short term decision which will affect our energy policy and our economy for years to come.


“The Prime Minister and his energy team need to think again.”